Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainbow Art Party

My oldest had a birthday today!
5 years old!
Yesterday we had a friend party, we went with the Rainbow Art Party theme!

My great friend Lisa helped me out with the chalk art on the easel as a welcome sign to the party. The easel was also a gift for my daughter, IKEA $15.

While kids showed up we played sidewalk chalk until the main party started.

Then we moved to the backyard where I had tables set up with watercolors and canvases. 
I used little treat cups at each place to dip their brushes in water.

Treat bags and favors at the end of the table. 
In the bags are crayons, mini watercolor set, pad of paper, and some candy.
Plus, a jar of modeling clay to go home as well.

Birthday Girl!

I was surprised at how fast the kids were done with the paint! it lasted like 5 minutes.
So we moved on quickly to another game: Twister!
This was hysterical.  We had 2 twister mats because we had lots of kids. 
We made all sorts of things like: Put you Right elbow on Blue and sing Happy Birthday!
This was a hit for sure.

My best friend makes gourmet pops here locally, so I enlisted her help to make "rainbow pops"
for the party. They were very yummy and each layer had its own flavor. Check out Lick'd Pops if you live here in Utah

The kids played and then the party wrapped up.

Now fast forward to the next day we had a family party with Grandma's and Grandpa's.
Another friend of mine, Brook, made the cake for this party.
She is basically gourmet chef!

I ordered rainbow layers, white frosting with sprinkles on the top only and no sprinkles creating the number space. The pretty plates and plates are from Target.

And one more picture with the girl and her new mint green bike!

So, there you go: Rainbow Art Party!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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Holy cow! This is beautiful! I want to go to that party! Are the kids still talking about it? I bet they are.

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