Saturday, January 8, 2011

Organizational Love

 So, we are currently finishing our basement! WooHoo! I can not wait for it to be done and have ALL that space to use to organize the madness at my house.

I have been thinking about how I will organize the new space down stairs and the space upstairs that will have less "stuff" in it.

 I have just been perusing the internet for all sorts of ideas in how to organize my life. We will have an Legitimate Playroom!! Hurray!! My husband will get his study...Finally! I will get my much anticipated craft room, EEK! the Joy I feel in thinking about it! Plus...a guest bedroom and a family room and bathroom and second storage room. 

I'm can't tell you how glad I will be to get rid of all the toys and put them down stairs. It's hilarious how every time kids come over they go and stand at the stairs and say "Can we go down there and play??" All kids just know that's where the toys should be at...down stairs and out of sight.


 House of Smith's adorable Pantry

This would be a great "Food Storage space too.
Not extremely functional, but it was so pretty...I mean seriously, who would use that many potatoes? And the wine rack would by a waste of space!

Linen Closet

Craft Room!

 I don't know that I would love this for a Craft Room, but I LOVE this as a Laundry Room...So much space and storage (and mud room).

 Cute Vintage stuff to store things in
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