Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tota Storage

 I was given 2 of these Tota Storage cases. They are meant to be used in the trunk of your car to help keep your groceries from rolling all over the car (Which happens in my car because I lay my third seat down so there is a lot of room for things to get lost in). I have actually found one to be very useful sitting by my kitchen area because it seems like I always have a plethora of things to go down stairs. So I load it up and send the Hubby down to put all the things in there places.

 This was one day when I had tons of stuff sitting on my counters (after the holidays) of stuff to go back to neighbors and family, etc. I put it all in my Tota and set off to give things back!

One day I had a ton of things to take back to my moms house and rounded it all up in this handy little storage bin and took it in to my moms house. She saw it and was very impressed. She and I came up with all sorts of other possibilities for it.

She works at a elementary school and she said it would be so great for teachers to take homework home in and whatever else needs to go in and out of their  cars when coming each day to school.

She also thought of someone who does genealogy (because she does) she always has tons of binders and computer papers and disk, etc. when she goes to a family history library.

These also would make great storage for hanging files folders...I don't know how well they would hold up completely loaded with files but would be great for several of them...I think it's the perfect size to hang them on the sides.

I love that they help you stay organized. That's on all our lists of things to do right?!
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