Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentines Mantle

So, cruising through blog land you see at every holiday Mantles all dressed up and decked out for the holiday/season. I love all the pictures and framed and mirrors that adorn these walls and LONG to have that in my house. I have a mantle (I know that I'm fortunate because some people don't have any mantle) But we have our TV hung on the wall above our mantle. So the lack of wall space doesn't allow for cute wreaths or old fences or cool things with a lot of height. I posed the question to Jen at Tatertots and Jello and it seemed like a lot of readers were in the same boat as me. I wanted people to show me what they have done to improvise with the space they have.

I didn't have very many Valentine decorations so I did go out and buy a few things to get me going and hopefully will just be able to switch out a few things here and there for each season/holiday.

What have you guys done in the past to tackle this problem (If you have it)?

Here are my Valentine Decorations:

This is my Toy storage. I hate it because it's in my family room and the toys are always out and a mess but it is what it is! My basement is getting finished right now so when that is done it all is going downstairs!

I love this sparkly garland! 

View from the fireplace down to the front door...nice dark hallway!

 I loved this pillow...kind of that Subway art type thing. It has "Gardening" words on it.

This cage was in the clearance section for 75% off. It has a spot on top to put some sort of knob or finial, I just need to find a really cute one.

 So...How do you think I did not being able to have anything really as a center point or main point of interest??

 Be Sure to link up your Valentine Mantle Idea's or other Mantle Ideas with a TV above the Mantle.

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Dar, Ali, Edi, and Lukey said...

Looks very cute! I know how you feel about the toys in the family room...that's so exciting that your basement will be finished soon!

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Looks good. I'm glad I don't have a huge TV over my mantel to have to decorate around. But you did a fabulous job. I love it!

Tanya said...

Very pretty Mantle!!!

Krista said...

This is really nice! I have a TV about my mantle as well and it really makes things tricky! Good work :)

Twigs and Twirls said...

Great looking mantle. Thanks for hosting a party I missed the party link up over at AtoZ. One of your newest followers ;-)

L said...

So Cute! Would love for you to add to my Thursday Treasure Party @


The Treasurista
Finding and Creating FUN things...

Holly D'Anna said...

My name is Holly D’Anna and I’m the Assistant Holidays Web Editor at Better Homes and Gardens. I was looking through Beth’s Valentine’s Mantel Linky Party ( and just loved the images of your Valentine’s display.

I’m working on creating a fresh slideshow on Valentine’s mantel and shelf displays to feature on and would love to include yours. In the slideshow, we would include an image of your Valentine’s display, a description and tips on how our readers can replicate it, and designer credit.

I hope this is something you’re interested in! If so, I just need you to send me a hi-res image of your display (at least 300dpi, preferably a shot that faces straight on and includes all elements of your display), your phone number, primary email address, and mailing address. Then, our editorial assistant will follow up with a form for you to sign so that we can share your image.

A few things I’d like to know about your display:
• Is there anything else you created that you could share tips on?
• How did you put together the final display?
• Is there anything else/other mantel tips you’d like to share with our readers?

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns! You can contact me at I look forward to hearing from you.


Samion Eric said...

No wonder why you get so many feedbacks
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