Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In the Depths of Winter!

This morning my husband looked out the window and says "We are definitely in the throes of Winter!" which means Everyday is to cold to go outside and play in the snow, I think twice about going to the store or anywhere else because I don't want to bundle up my kids and have to walk from the car to whatever building I'm going to! We have been some kind of sick since Thanksgiving, and my 2 year old (just becoming 100% from the flu on Christmas Eve) now has a runny nose, sneezing and coughing.

Talk about CABIN FEVER!!!

So, I Googled winter boredom busters...I came up with some good stuff! Click Here

Disneyfamily.com came up and suggests having "Movie Nights" Although in my case I would do it during the day and invite friends over! Because I have toddlers it would be fun to get Curious George DVDs from the Library and have a Theme get-together, like, watch Curious George, Eat lunch which would included pancakes, bananas, etc. And then the kids could run around and act like Monkeys (which they do automatically anyway)

Pipe Cleaner People!
Make a Whole Village of them! The thing I love about this is it's not too messy, easy clean-up (I think)

Doll Spa!
Get all the dolls out and set up a spa, Or have a Spa days with you and your kids! soak your feet in the tub, paint toes, lotion up the legs (i know with my 2 year old we could put lotion on and it would take ALL day)

 How cute are these hand painted candles. Click Here for the How To!
Hobby Lobby always has Pillar candles for fairly cheap, BUT I bet you can find old ones at second hand stores all day long!


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