Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hem Jeans?? Can you do that??

This information would have been helpful 29 YEARS ago!!

I once bought a pair of expensive jeans from one of those jean parties (kinda like pampered chef) and the "host"was a seamstress too. Well, because I'm 5'3" I am just ultra short and I wanted to buy a pair of jeans but they were just so long. So the host said she would hem them for me, I just kind of stared at her like she was an alien!

"You can't do that?!" I'm thinking, "You will take off all the pretty stitching and then you will ruin a perfectly good pair of jeans and then I will never wear them again."

Well she explained how she does it and showed me her pants that had been hemmed. Amazing!! I can't believe I have never seen it before!

I love this tutorial because now I can do it myself (I asked the woman if she would do others for me, I would obviously pay her for it and she said "No"!)

So Here is Crap I've Made's tutorial!

You would NEVER be able to tell!


Stan and Lindsay said...

I love that! Amazing... Unfortunately, I usually have the opposite problem, jeans are borderline short! Still good info though! Thanks Camilla! How do you find all this stuff?? I love it!

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