Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Family Photo Christmas Tree

We have our family Christmas tree downstairs in our basement where there is lots of room.
But I hated not having a tree on our main level, so I decided to buy a 4 foot tree for my entryway table. I didn't want to get to fancy with the decorations for it. I had 2 strands of felt balls strung on twine that I bought at Home Goods a while ago, so I put those on and then I had an idea to hang up my Instagram pictures that I had printed out in the summer. I just used mini clothes pins to put them on. I love the meaning behind it and also anyone that comes over loves to look at the photos on the tree.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Simple {Halloween} Advent Calendar

 {Halloween Advent Calendar}

This is really just a method, so it can be applied to any holiday or season or event.

I went to Zurcher's and bought black and white chevron treat bags 
(The really small ones so I could fit them all on 1 string).
I cut out black numbers and orange circles on my Cameo.
I assembled with candy and hung the bags on some bakers twine.

I did not glue the circles to the bag: 
When my girls take a bag down everyday the circle with the number stays up so we can still see the whole month of numbers. Also, I wanted to reuse my numbers/circles for next year.

Happy counting down!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Halloween Paper Cone Wreath

Time to start putting up all my Halloween decorations!

I went to a local boutique store and saw a really cute Halloween paper cone wreath.
I snapped a picture on my phone and then went home and made a list of items I needed.

This is the wreath I took a picture of

Here is MY wreath:

A few things I learned from my first paper cone wreath:

1. Use cardboard as the base not a wreath form (the hot glue was melting my wreath form.
2. Get LOTS of glue sticks.

Here are the elements I used:

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out the black card stock. 
Then I just added my elements to it. They came in my Halloween paper pack.

 You can see how I made my picket fence sign HERE.

You wont be sorry! Tons of cute ideas.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fall Sign and Front Porch

Another Pinterest project here...Thats seems to be what makes up most of my projects these days. I see something darling on Pinterest and then I hack it for myself.

Here's the Pin that inspired this project.

And here's my version:

Cedar Pickets from Lowe's nailed to some scrap wood on the back.
(All of my photos were taken with my phone, I apologize)

 Painted base coat white, then slapped on some green in a few spots.

Then squirted on some brown craft paint straight from the bottle and just smoothed it out, then covered with a tan'ish cream color on the top. 

(I started paint the tan color over the brown before I got that picture with the brown on, So the corner is what it looked like before the tan color)

Used my Silhouette to cut out vinyl stencils for the words.
Adhering the stencil was AWFUL. 
The wood was to "dirty" so it was sliding around everywhere but I survived.
*All my paint I had on hand, I did not buy anything but the wood*

 Added to my porch!
I can't wait to add my pumpkins and gourds!

See how I made my wreath HERE

Also, Check me out on Pinterest 
You can Follow my Autumn/Fall Ideas Board
or my All Hallows Eve Board (since that is right around the corner)

I've totally decorated for fall inside my house! 
How about you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ombre Dresser Project

So I'm sure just about everyone saw THIS pin on Pinterest.

But the SECOND I saw it I hopped on my local classified ads website and looked for that dresser. I got super lucky and found one almost exactly like the one from Pinterest.

Here's the distorted blobby picture from the website.

I went to Sherwin Williams and picked a color sample and it had all the gradients on the sample. So I just said "I want all 6 of these colors in your sample sizes" 

I used a latex spray primer from Sherwin Williams because I was told that the old stain might bleed through if I used a water based primer.

I put the dresser in my guest bedroom down in the basement.

This is my bed from when I was a kid. I got new bedding and I think it looks so inviting!

My family's vintage pillowcases.
(excuse the poor lighting in these photos, it is in a basement that they were taken.)

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