Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Mania!

My almost 3 year old has become obsessed with Disney Princesses and Movies! She asks to watch them all day long and as soon as one is over she says "Try Again!"
We only own like 1 or 2 movies because she wasn't into movies before that so there was no need to buy any. I decided after watching Beauty and the Beast SEVERAL times that we needed a couple more for some variety. I clicked on one of those banners on somebodies website to the Disney Movie Club where you can buy 4 Disney movies for 25cents each! with 2 the option to get 2 additional movies at super discounted prices. I decided that I was just barely getting started in my Disney movie buying career so I went ahead and pulled the trigger.

Then we waited a couple weeks for this baby to arrive!

 This is what was inside:

 And THIS, my friends, was the price ticket! $25 bucks for SIX Disney movies. and 6 really GOOD Disney movies. I just have to buy 4 more movies in the next 2 YEARS at regular price to meet my membership needs. I totally plan on being able to fulfill that need. I mean, you pay full price at other places like Costco and Walmart and I went here because of the perks.

And then they have an awesome program where you can refer friends to the Disney Movie Club and if your friends sign up through the email that gets sent to them from you then you get to choose a free movies for each friend that signs up. What a sweet deal.

If anyone wants to join for sure then let me know and I can send you the refer a friend email. 
I have been so happy with our purchases and so has my daughter. We've already watched them multiple times. Does that make me a bad mom??
(I wasn't compensated for this post at all by the Disney Movie Club, I just thought I would share my adventure in joining the DMC.)


Karena said...

Camilla I bet your little princess was thrilled when that package arrived. Thank goodness for Disney!!

Art by Karena

Katrina said...

Camilla, We did this too...especially when we got a BlueRay player (that way we got BlueRay discs) THIS does not make you a bad mom...and you can have a fun movie night as a family! Or on rainy and sick days they are much appreciated!

Janelle said...

We did this, too. It is a great deal! Just make sure you decline the ones you don't want right away--or you might forget and end up with Bug's Life, and keep it just because it seems a waste to pay shipping twice just to send it back. ;) Happy watching!

David & Jessica said...

hey will you send me the refferel email please :) - thanks! Even though we don't have kids yet Dave and I are huge disney fans!!

Megan said...

Hi! I ran across your blog recently and LOVE all of the projects you have featured! I've been considering doing this for the past year. I would love to look at it again, and if I decide to, I will use your coupon code thing. I'm at

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