Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aesthetic Nest

I have such a admiration for people that can do sewing and crocheting and knitting. 
It must be because I can't do ANY of those things.

I found this website, Aesthetic Nest, and I swear I just sat and read through every post and loved every project she posted. Her pictures are great and her children are adorable. That is a very good combination.

Look at some of the fun things she has done:

 Look at this darling bedroom for her little girl...there are more pictures on her site. I love the colors.

 Precious...I wished I had these when my daughters got blessed...maybe for the next child.

 You have gotta go check out the posts about this Farm Birthday Party...Her daughter had a cordinating dress to match and all the stuff was so cute and put together.

This blanket is my favorite...So much so, that I'm actually going to attempt to make one. Wish me luck!

I just love that I found her site and I hope you love it as much as I do to. Go check out all her other things. Plus, she has an etsy shop where she sells her patterns to make these darling things.


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