Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Laundry List

First off:
The Pinterest Linky Party was a good idea, but there really wasn't any 'reward' in it for people to link to the party. Therefore I will discontinue the link party :( 

But thanks to all who pinned the last couple weeks!

I would love to start having some Guest Bloggers if any one is interested. 
Please contact me via my email if you would like to do a post.
camillastarks (at) gmail (dot) com

We've had a crazy week here in my neighborhood because there is an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition home being built right around the corner. The house is so close to our house that our street is closed to everyone except local traffic and a few of my neighbors are bordering the 'construction site.' I got to volunteer with painting inside the house last night, and tomorrow they are revealing the house to the family!
(the episode won't air until October)

My life has felt like a tornado lately. 
Bare with me as I try to get myself back on track and my house in order.
But, I did get to see my cute baby's 1 year pictures that I had done at Lou Lou Photography a couple weeks ago and they are SO precious!
Just a little peeky-poo.

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