Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pin-It Wednesdays - #2

I'm so excited that there was such a great turn out for my first "Pin-it Wednesdays" Linky Party last week.

So it's a 'Go' for this week too!

Here's a few of my favorites that were linked up:

Are these little piggies just so adorable!? Looks like there are rubber bands around the ankles.
So. Cute.

I really want some of these pillows on my bed.

 I felt more relaxed by just looking at this picture.

I LOVED this picture because I felt like I could do this with my room. I own the yellow pillow barely in the picture and also the grey and yellow comforter at the end of the bed. Might have to paint me some Blue walls now!

If you have been featured I would love if you grabbed my button on the sidebar and slap it on your blog!

Ok, so a Slight change from last week.

In the "Name" field describe your pin and then put a hyphen and then put your Pinterest user name so we can locate you
ex: Great Bedroom Colors - camillas

In the URL field copy and paste the URL to the pin you want to post. (I think this is pretty self explanatory, if not send me a message).

And the rest is the same as all the other linky parties.

We had 57 entries last week, I would LOVE to break 100 this week! Help me spread the word girls!

I will be out of town starting tomorrow on a church youth activity, so I won't be posting Thursday or Friday. So see you back here on Monday!


Ami w/AliLilly said...

It was so much fun!! I'm so glad your doing it again!!! That pic is amazing isn't it. I first saw it on the Centsational Girls blog and repinned it! Thanks for hosting again! I'm off to spread the word! :)

Kelly said...

This is so cute. I'm curious as to where you purchased the comforter? I'd love to do that with my room!

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