Friday, September 16, 2011

The CRAFT Table

You may or may not already follow {Sweet Pickins} blog.

She may or may not sell refinished furniture.

I may or may not regret telling you all about her awesome stuff and now you will get all the beautiful things before I do!

A couple days ago she posted this table and I called her the second I saw it and told her I was interested. I've been in the market for a craft table for my new craft room downstairs. As of now it's the only piece of furniture in my craft room.

 Sorry for the flash basement does not have tons of natural light and I was trying to give you a feel for the color of the table.
Love the deep turquoise'y color.


Anonymous said...

Cool table. hae fun with it. MM

Madison said...

What a great crafting table! I picked up a table off Craigslist for my crafting room a couple months ago. It's a really ugly one, but I was hoping to paint it a funky color like yours. Maybe I'll find the time to do that someday soon! :)

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