Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pinterest Interest

I would love this corner desk and organizational wall in my raft room.
Great inspiration for me!

Technique on how to make this look on lamps

To die for cute baby ballet flats

Really cute pumpkin carving idea, would be great for all those little princesses in my house.

My Pinterest account is camillas


MrsSmith said...

I love the craft area! I've seen several people do a similar desk using the Jetmax Cubes you can get at craft stores. This is my inspiration. http://pinterest.com/pin/92392239/

Leigh Anne

Amy Coltrin said...

Mom gave the long shelves to me tonight. She was like, did you see her blog photo of the craft room. It has the long shelf that she totally passed on! She thought that was the craziest move! Oh well, they will look great in Connor's room with all his lego sets.

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