Thursday, October 20, 2011

Living Room turns Office/Library - FINALLY

In about 4 weeks from now we will have lived in our home for FOUR years!

We are totally old timers in our community, which still has tons of construction going on, but I can't believe it's been 4 years now.

In those four years the "front room" has been discussed, re-discussed, hashed out, changed plans, changed around, discussed some more and then re-discussed, TIMES 10!

The discussion has always been Formal Living Room or Study/Office/Library type room.
It was a catch all dump for awhile which was not great because it was the first thing you saw when you entered the home. Then we made it an office'y type room, then the formal living room. BUT, my husband is finally sick of having no place to go plus he has a church calling that really does need him to have a place to go and have people over or take phone calls with some privacy!

Enough of the saga!

We finally decided on a plan and we are moving forward on it!

Built-In book shelves, Paint shelving and walls, Remove carpet and install wood flooring to match the rest of the wood floor in the home, Have electrician install can lighting to brighten the dungeon that it is, Gallery wall, Purchase desk, chair and seating for additional people.

Here are some pictures of The Room

After moving in and it was storage it became this office'y space. 
Like the carpet chair?? Still have it...but now it hides in the master bedroom so no one can see it.

Then until now it's been the Formal Living Room. Which it was just that...Formal. We never used it for much of anything. 
*side note - the couch is almost a 100 years old. It was the couch we had growing up in our Formal Living Room.

The stupid boob light 25 feet in the air up in the sheds NO light in the room. Most the time if you turn on the light switch you can't even tell. You have to use the 2 lamps on the side tables. That's why we are putting in can lighting. Would you replace the light up in the dormer too? In addition to the can lights?
  Thoughts??? Comments? Advice?


rachmjohn said...

Camilla we have a huge tall entry like yours, and Destination installed basically a hanging boob light, which hangs down 10-15 feet. If you want to come and see what it looks like and how much light it sheds you are welcome to stop by anytime.

Indiri @ Turning Stones said...

I would recommend a hanging light. I installed one in my 19 foot ceiling and it hangs about 10 feet from the floor (where it is needed to keep a clear view for the 9' Christmas tree). The light in that room is SO much better than it was before, no comparison.

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