Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wood Flooring

The wood flooring guy came today. 
I'm so glad the stack of wood is gone from my hallway...
my girls used it as a jungle gym for the last week.

He was able to match pretty perfectly the type of Cherry wood we have. It has lots of wood grain and knots in it. I didn't know this when we were building our home 4 year ago, but Cherry gets dark as it sits, especially in the sun. If you lay a rug on it and move it to sweep underneath there is a square outline from where your rug was. SO, that means the wood will be lighter in that room for awhile, until the sun basically 'ages' it.

The guy still needs to put on the base coat, I'll update you with those pics!

You can see the difference in the wood without the clear coat.

Here's the before pic again:


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