Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dead & Breakfast

I purposely drive the long way out of my neighborhood so I can drive by a certain house that always is decked out in the latest holiday decor. I not talking gaudy "decked out" where it's like a car accident that you just can't turn away from I'm talking "How can I achieve the quality of holiday decor like them" It's the right proportion of decorations for there home, plus they have a B-U-TIFUL yard!

Here are the pictures, enjoy and maybe you can find some good ideas for you to do too! There is so much detail that I'm not sure if you can make out in these pictures. If you happen to live close by it's a MUST to drive by and see, also, I haven't seen it at night but know that things light up and I bet it's pretty spectacular at night too.

I love the cute picket fence on the inside of their yard, spooky garland hanging on it with great wreaths and candelabras.
Can you say a skeleton is gorgeous, well I think this one is. She is decked out in glitter and feathers, what could be better.

when I stopped by to talk to the man that lives here he said that everything is homemade except the skeletons. What outstanding people.


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