Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Porch

I found this picture on line, I think it's from Pottery Barn.

This was my inspiration:
This was the best I could do:
So, A far cry from the Pottery Barn picture, But it's a start. First off, I couldn't find Urn's anywhere this far into the Fall. I did buy 1 of those twiggy pumpkins, but it was expensive so I only bought 1, the picture above has like 6. Also, I didn't do the black birds or the Cool Lanterns. Maybe I can find some cool lanterns this coming year. The luminaries that are on the bottom 2 steps were bought at Target in the dollar bins. I grew the pumpkins myself (so I didn't have to spend $50 to decorate with pumpkins. The Wreaths on the windows need to be twice as big. I will work hard in the coming year to buy some more things for next year! But for now I think it's pretty good.
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