Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mud Room

When my husband and I make a million dollars and buy/build another house one day we have both talked about having a "mud room." It's so funny that whenever we go and look at model homes we always stop and "ohh" and "ahh" over the mudrooms and laundry rooms. I get giddy thinking about having a spot one day to put the daily clutter that comes in the house every time I walk through the door: Jackets, shoes, diaper bags, hubby's things that come home from work and sit on my counter, hats, gloves and winter items, etc.

My ideal mud room would have a long wall with locker type thing for each person to put their belongings with a long bench for seating. A full bathroom would be nice, for those dirty kids that come in and need to be hosed off before they set foot anywhere else. A laundry room either part of it but ideally just attached in a separate room (this room would be huge and amazing too). I have seen in parade of homes that drinking fountains can be installed, but I would want one that is esthetically pleasing, not your typically school drinking fountain (again, for kids that track dirt in just for a drink of water).

Here are a few pictures I found of some great spaces. Tell me what you do for a mudroom?


rachmjohn said...

My friends installed a drinking fountain in their backyard by the playset. I think that is the best idea if youar worried about aesthetics. 90% of the time when the kids are outside and you don't want them coming in for drinks it will be warm enough for the outside water to be on.

But, I think you need one inside too, because I get sick of all the neighbor kids asking for cups everytime I finally get caught up on dishes.

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