Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12 Days of Christ

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Sarah writes, "I had a thought about a new tradition or activity some could do with their families. I have shared the idea with a few friends and family members and they thought I should share it with you to help anyone else that may not know how to get their families (or younger children) to focus on the real meaning of Christmas. I am starting tomorrow with my 8 and 6 year old but they can do it every day and do a lesson and service on the same night if they wish. I am just 9 months pregnant and need to spread it out for sanity reasons!

We are going to review 12 miracles Jesus performed starting on the 1st and do one every other day. Then in between we will do service for someone so it lasts 24 days and we share the Christmas story on Christmas Eve. Then it isn't all about what we got but what we did.

The one we are doing tomorrow is how Jesus fed thousands with the bread and fishes. I am printing out a few fishes on a paper and 5-7 loaves of bread and as I tell the story they will take scissors and cut it up and see how many pieces they can get with still some left over. Yep, I will have paper scraps all over but to get the point across, it's worth it. I went through and wrote many stories down (Jairus' daughter, blind man, lepers, woman with the blood disease, etc) so I could come up with activities to relate to the stories. Bandannas work great for being blind and how thankful someone would be for the gift of sight (and other talents we have been given), and the lepers for making sure we express gratitude, etc.

I wanted to do the 12 days of Christmas and decided to do the 12 days of Christ instead. Also, there are 12 apostles if you want to lean toward learning about them also. :)

I hope this can help some who may be struggling in their own families and brings back that special feeling of Christmas instead of the material reasons."

Great Idea!


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