Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fabric Covered Magnet Boards

About a month ago I bought these 3 Magnet boards with the intention of covering them with fabric and putting them on a wall to have as a place to hang photos and kids artwork, etc.

At the time I bought the Magnet boards I also went ahead and made the magnets with the glass marbles and scrapbooking paper underneath it.


Here's my fabric I bought at Hobby Lobby. I wanted something fairly neutral so that I could spruce it up and change it out with either fabric rosettes or any other accessory.

I used my Glue Gun to glue the fabric around the back of the metal.

 There were pre-made holes in two of the corners to either hang it on nails (this is what I did) or you could tie pretty ribbon on it and hang it from the ribbon.

Here they are all three done with my magents on them.

This is what happened when my 2 year old found they were magnetic.

This is the ugly wall it's going on. I had my chicken wire frame hanging here to hang the photos and such on with mini clothes pins...After 4 years I was sick of looking at it and needed a change.

Here they are hanging up. Next week I am getting a Vinyl saying to hang above it. By the photo you can't tell but these really are centered on this wall. I'm thinking maybe hanging them higher and putting a shelf below them to put knick knacks on and maybe some hooks to hang stuff from too. What do you think? I know that it looks pretty bare right now but it's much better than the chicken wire deal!


Raines Inc said...

where did you find the magnet boards? I am looking to do this for my older one in her bedroom!

Camilla said...

If you are a Utah local...They were bought at The Wood Connection. I did not by them my self but I believe they were about $9 each, but you van get them with a wood frame around them (I would have bought those) I don't remember how much those were.

Wendi Barrett said...

What a great idea these are exactly perfect for office spaces as well as childs room. Can't wait to start this project.:-)

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