Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Felt Heart Wreath

I won a small giveaway over at The Idea Room yesterday, I didn't win any products or anything but I won a spot on her sidebar to have my blog listed there! Sweet huh?! She has so many readers and I'm hoping that some will come here and check me out too!

Because I love the Idea Room's blog I thought I would post a REALLY cool project she did for Valentines 2010. I want to do this project since it's almost time for Valentines again and I bought the cutest copper wreath stand on clearance at Target.
 I need to go get a bunch of felt from Joann's to do this and I'm wondering if there is a better way to cut circles out? Does that circle cutter thing of Martha Stewart's cut through fabric??

Click here for the Tutorial


Mandi said...

Camilla, I have been so crazy busy and just sat down and went through your blog. You are amazing lady. I rarely have time to go through cute crafty blogs anymore, so I will just go to yours for ideas. Great work.

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