Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pie Crust Mania!

Just in time for everyone to make their pies in a week

#1: Martha Stewart:

#2:Leaves @ Country Living:

#3: Braid @ Paula Deen

#4: Checkerboard @ Paula Dean

#5:Monogrammed Pies @ Merriment Design
[How cute if it said "pecan" or "apple" or "berry" or "eat" "yum"--don't mind that is is actually a pot pie and for St. Patrick's Day :) ]
Merriment :: Personalized Chicken Pot Pie


#7: Fancy Pie @ Tipnut

Twisted Lattice Top

#8: Swirl @ Tipnut
Top A Pie With A Spiral Twist

#9: Mini Pies @ Not Martha

#10: Pie in a Jar @ Our Best Bites
They have their first book coming out, Can't Wait!


Connie said...

I just found your blog through MMB. Your post about pies is wonderful and inspiring. I was just thinking about making a pie...yummmmmm!

I am your newest follower.

Stop by my blog for a visit sometime. I have lots of crafts posted because of a craft bazaar I am doing this weekend.

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