Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thankful Tree

My first Project for the Thanksgiving season. I saw this on The Crafting Chicks website, but I have seen it floating around on lots of other sites too and different variations of it as well.

Supplies you will need:
tree branches
vase, jar, or bucket for the tree branches
die cut leaves

First off find a nice branch with lots of different branches for hanging the thankful leaves from.

Decorate your vase.

So once you get to this point you can gather the family around. Explain that this is the Thankful Tree, or Tree of Thanks, or whatever you want to call it. Each person will take a die cut leaf and write something they are grateful for each night.

After everyone has written, tack your leaf onto your tree. I used some more ribbon, cause really, can you have enough?!?!

Here's my tree so far, I drove up the canyon and cut down a bunch of branches. I love the arrangement even if I didn't put leafs on it. (excuse the very horrible picture taken, the flash cast shadows on the wall behind so it looks blurry). I dont have a die cut leaves so I am buying these off of Paper Creations on Etsy

And then we will write everyday or every couple days the things we are thankful for until Thanksgiving Day.


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