Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Felt Partridge Ornament

I think this is such a cute little ornament. Wouldn't it be fun to have a small Christmas tree with just felt ornaments on it?!

Ok, so I'm doing a craft exchange in a couple weeks and I'm thinking about making these. Wouldn't that be so fun to receive.

Found this great project on Retro Mama, there is a tutorial and pattern and all the stuff you ned to know.

Wool blend felt in assorted colors (a 12 x 12" square will yield 3 Mama partridges with leftover scraps for flowers and leaves)
Quilting cotton fabric scraps for wings
Lightweight fusible interfacing for wings
Embroidery floss
10" length of narrow ribbon or medium rick rack for hanger
About 4" of floral wire (try Jo-Ann or Michael's)
About 10-15" of fluffy or feathery yarn (I used Bernat’s "Boa" yarn and Patons "allure")
Fray Check

Hand sewing needle
Scissors and/or small rotary cutter
Crochet hook (optional)
Wire cutter

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