Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Kids Table Printable - FREE

This post is the exact reason why I started this blog. Let me explain. Like a week ago or so, I couldn't exactly remember when, I found this particular site with this free printable for the kids table at Thanksgiving. I thought it was SO cute and decided I would try to do this for the kids at Thanksgiving. Of course, I didn't save it and now a week or two later I'm trying to find it and can't find it anywhere. I check all my regular craft type blogs and can't find it. I try googleing it but nothing is coming up, I try every variation I can think of!! Now I'm to the point where I've tried finding it for so long if I don't find I really might lose sleep over it trying to think of some other way yo find it. Alas, I don't know what I did but suddenly it came up and the second it did I bookmarked it!!

I hope I didn't go through all that and no one else enjoy it as much as I do!

Paper Glitter is the website. She does very cute stationary and invitations and anything to do with paper. She has a lot of really cute stuff. I might have to come back when my oldest turns 3 in 6 months for birthday stuff.

Click Here to go to the PDF format to customize and print

On the items that need to be customized you can change the info when in PDF format as long as you have the correct Adobe Acrobat Software.


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