Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wrapping Paper Frame Gift

I have a craft exchange today. That is where you make as many crafts as there are people in the exchange and then you go and get one of each persons crafts. There are 16 people in our exchange! That is a lot! So I was searching and searching to find a cute but affordable gift. I found this great frame over at Craftily Ever After! She also has all the tutorial and supply list of what you need.

Here is MY finished product. All 17 (extra one for the festival of trees) Don't they look so cute!
I found my hounds tooth wrapping paper at Hobby Lobby
This one is mine...I thought a cute little nativity scene would be so adorable, and you could do ANYTHING inside the frame or even take off the ribbon and put a rosette or ornament on it. I even thought that this could be used for Valentines Day by switching out the embellishment on it.


Carrie L Wynder said...

What were the other crafts that you received from your craft exchange? Your wrapping paper frame is very classy looking. I love it!

Tammy said...

Wow! Super cute. They look just like those from "less cake more frosting" except yours took a fraction of the time and effort I'm sure. Both are adorable. Fantastic!!

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