Friday, February 25, 2011

Cosmic Shopping Week #1

I wanted to start a post once a week where I share some of the great deals I find that week. I mean who doesn't go home and call their mom or sister or BFF and tell them about the PERFECT fitting Sweater on the sale rack for $2.00??? I call that "Cosmic Shopping" Like everything in the universe has lined up perfectly for you to buy that One item!!

So...Here are my great finds for the week!

Look at these Beauties! Clearance Rack at Target @ $5

 DI (Local Thrift Store) 75 cents - Milk Glass Vase
 I Love Hounds Tooth more and more all the time. Clearance rack at Target @ $2
It's a hard shelled mini wallet

 Small Urn - DI @ 75 cents (this had a huge bouquet of ugly silk roses in it, the roses were hanging over the urn so bad you could barely even see the urn) the urn is only about 7 or 8 inches tall.
 This was the only one of this dress on the Target childrens clearance stuff. It HAPPENED to be a 2T and fit my daughter perfectly $7
I love the embellishment on top and the layered tulle around the hem.

And Just because: I gave a baby shower for a friend of mine on Saturday and here are a couple pictures of the flowers...They made my week sitting in my kitchen.

I love tree blossoms...I have a whole vase of these puppies blooming on my table

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