Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lou Lou Photography

In my Shabby Chic frames I put pictures of my girls that were taken by my good friend Mandi at Lou Lou Photography

She has done several photo shoots for my kids/family over the past couple years. I love her work and the pictures always turn out good, despite having small children to work with which can be a huge challenge.

And, because it's my post I have several of my kids!

My Cute Naughty Babies!

This was my daughter Esther's newborn photo shoot. Mandi says that she has been the only baby to do this trick on top of the three boxes...What can I say, she is talented :)

I had to end with another one of my cute girls.

Mandi has GREAT props...I practically show up with a naked baby and she works her magic with all the hair accessories and such and BAM! You have beautiful pics.

So Mandi has graciously offered to give my readers a 10% discount if you mention reading this on my blog. She does Fabulous work. (She is in the SLC area for those that live here locally)

**Please do not use any pictures posted here, they are property of Lou Lou Photography**
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