Tuesday, February 1, 2011

School Dayz

I was out and about today (don't ask me why, it's like 10 degrees) and on the way home my 2 1/2 year old kept saying "Are we going to school?" I don't know why she was thinking she would get to go to school. It was one of those moments that if you said no there was melt down potential. So she just kept saying it and I kept skirting the question. I said "we get to drive BY a school" Oh NO! The tears were seriously brimming on the edge of her eyelids...So, Quickly I say "We can go home and BUILD a school, How about that????" (I'm thinking, I sure hope this works because I definitely can't just go to a school and let her walk around). I could see her wheels turning in her head and then she says "Yes" Collision adverted.

So we got home...immediately she ran to her room to get the masses of Little People and I started to build. We sang the ABC song and counted to 30 and named every shape and color under the sun (When you start naming shapes with your 2 year old do they start with Oval and Octagon??) So, That is our small world of "school" I sure hope I can find her a preschool to have her go to next fall...Barring that she will be potty trained by then! (that's a whole other post!)

"What are You smiling at, Huh??"


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