Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yellow Rosette Dwell Pillow from Target

I have seen this pillow everywhere! 
Dwell Studio at Target
I Create It gives you a tutorial on how to make your OWN

And here's mine:
Please try not to look anywhere but the bed...HEY, I said don't look anywhere but the bed.
My Master Bedroom has been tossed to the wayside for over 3 years now. It is the very last priority on my list of things to do.
Don't look at the hand-me-down lamps from when were were first married.
Don't look at the crooked picture on the left wall.

Don't notice the Two baby monitors on the right hand side. 
You would be horrified if I panned Right or Left and Mortified if you saw behind me.
SO...Just look at my gorgeous bed (V-day gift from two years ago) and the pretty bedding I recently purchased at Target. I was going to hold out for a beautiful quilt from The Quilt Shop but hey $70 verses $300-400 was a no brainer, and hey...I was sick of just a sheet and blanket on my bed for the past 3 1/2 years.


jandjhome said...

I love this pillow. I've been eyeing it, but didn't want to spend the money on it. It looks great with the bedding.

Mallory said...

I love the pop of yellow! Looks great! :)

Katie said...

This is perfect! I've been in love with this entire set from Target for months now but never had anywhere to use it..welp, I am currently signing contracts for our first house (yikes!!) and in the house we have 2 guest rooms (since there are no babies yet) so I've been debating in my head what theme and color scheme to go with--seeing this just made up my mind, I think I want it :) It looks wonderful on your bed and with the pillows too--what other colors do you think would go with this set? I just love it--thanks for the inspiration!

Amy Winfrey said...

I would like to buy one of your yellow rosette pillows. Can't find one anywhere. Love them!! Let me know.


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