Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Because I couldn't post about what I had planned for Valentines Day because I thought my husband might see I'm now sharing our day we had!

My gift to myself was having some of my house cleaned! You know...the things I REALLY hate...bathrooms and floors!

I made a super yummy dinner: Steaks, Ceasar Salad, Corn & Black bean Salsa & Chips, Twice baked Potatoes! Then Harmons had Chocolate dipped Strawberries...so I got a few of those. I don't have any pictures of this because it was serious madness when I was making dinner (husband got home, revealing gifts, 2 seriously poopy diapers, doorbell ringing, kids crying, I was just trying to survive in that hour or so).

 Beautiful flowers from my Valentine

 My Hubby loves Peanut M&M's
 Mylar Balloons for the Kidlets
A Valentine Bucket full of goodies from a very nice neighbor for my 2 year old

This one I have been planning! I'm sneaky! My husband, FOR YEARS, has been asking me to put up old family pictures on this wall, and I kept shrugging it off. SO I knew this was the holiday I was going to get it done and surprise him with the finished product. This wall was empty, except the middle wedding picture. I had the Vinyl made a couple days ago and then go all the frames and pictures put together and hung up while my hubby was at work. I think it turned out SO nice. The blank pictures are for my kids pictures, plus we need to put a few others up as well.

 Close up of our wedding picture. Awww!

AND...TaDa! The new iPhone 4! We really wanted to get these because there is an app called Face Time.
So you BOTH get to see each other while talking! My Husband has been so busy lately and has not had a lot of time to spend with the kids. So we thought this would be so nice to get so that the kids can still talk and SEE him during the day. (kinda like Skype, I guess).

We put the kids to bed early so I could have extra "me" time and just watch TV, Read a book, or whatever!

Happy Valentines Day!


Heather said...

I love your picture wall. Maybe a tutorial on how to make a picture wall look good is in order. I have tons of pictures but am intimidated about how to display them, what frames.....

Camilla said...

Thanks Heather! I wished I had taken before and after pic's and had done a tutorial, but I was rushing SO fast to get it done that I didn't have time (I only had like an hour, plus I was making dinner). So, Maybe I will do something with it a little later with a tutorial.

katie m said...

Wow- iphones, steak dinner, a picture wall... you guys are fancy, fancy fancy! Sounds like a very fun Vday.

Your wall is cute. I've been itching to accomplish something like that too actually-- you'll have to let me know how you decided what pictures to use, where you got frames, etc. Would love the deets.

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