Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog Swappin' {Living on the Chic}

Hey guys, Trissta from Living on the Chic and I are blog swapping today! Head over there and check out her really cute blog and see all her fun DIY projects she has done. She has great Interior Design ideas!

Hi, I'm Trissta. 

Author of Living on the Chic, an aspiring designer, and an avid penny pincher. 

I'm an Interior Design Grad Student at Utah State University, a proud condo habitant, and an avid DIY-er. I grew up in a family with six kids, so I learned to be frugal and to take care of my own things. Thus, I never pay full price for anything, unless it's food. Haha, just kidding. There are some things I've paid full price for, but it only happens once a year. With that kind of motto and a lot of creativity, I've managed to save bookooo bucks and put it towards school instead of my home. Here are some of my favorite DIY projects I've completed over the last two years...

My DIY Duvet Cover. My first and favorite DIY I've done. It's been almost two years since I've done it and I'm STILL using it on my own bed! Definitely a love-love kind of relationship.

DIY Desk. Reinventing old closet doors! I had so many of them lying around, I just knew that I had to find a new purpose for them instead of throwing them out!

Recently, I completed this DIY Chandelier. Made from Butcher Paper and an old Lamp Shade! Cost me around $6 to make. Can you say easy peasy??

And last, but not least, my DIY Headboard made from old closet doors. I had so much fun reinventing this one! It's a mix of my own modern style and recycling. :)

So stop by Living on the Chic and see what other adventures I'm up to! I can't wait to hear from you. And a big thanks to Camilla for letting me show you my talents and fun projects! She's super talented and I just love her to bits! 

Thanks Trissta!


Anonymous said...

I need your help. My daughter accidentally knocked my favorite lamp into her paint pan. Is there a paint or fabric I can use to fix the shade?

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