Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Decorating with White

I would say it's official
Dark, heavy colors and decor is OUT
White, light, colorful, simply is IN.

I remember going to the Parade of Homes 4 years ago and EVERY single home was painted with yellows, reds and browns, with dark heavy THICK wood. 
I would describe it as "Tuscan"

EVERYTHING is about White, light colors, simple lines, bright pops of colors.
I love that this new style is in. I am so much more happy with this current trend than the last one.

All these images are Via Pinterest
My Pinterest user name is camillas

Now, I must say that is was 4 years ago that we built our home and what kinds of things do you think I picked out for my home. Brown cabinets and heavy stone for my fireplace, dark wood floors. It's not totally "Tuscan" but I do feel that I wish I could go back and changes things if I could.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy the light colors too. when I was in Hi School my bedroom was all white. My friends thought it looked like a hospital. MM

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

I love white too, but having a black dog kind of hinders having white furniture in our home. We've decided that the next dog we get will be low-shedding. :)

Heather said...

LOVE the light and airiness of it. But we have two dark colored dogs and 2 kids. maybe when they've moved out of the house...

Ku'uipo said...

I've always loved decorating with whites and light colors. So glad that when we built our home a few years ago that I didn't go with what everyone else did and love our choices! :) Always classic and lovely! Glad to see this style.

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