Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekends Yard Sale Finds

I had such a good time going to yard sales this weekend.
Found this Collection Snow White Doll and Movie Poster (Never been opened) 
 Disney Doll Baby Stroller $3
Cinderella with Coach and Horse (with batteries everything makes noises) $1.50
Abelskiver Pan $4
Apothecary Jar $5
Old Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers .50 Cents
 Lace and Trim $1
 Urn $1 (bought for a Halloween display I saw on Pinterest)
Disney Princess Pencils $1
I spent $22 total
Love it!


Adelina Priddis said...

Nice!! I love that urn. Enjoy making some abelskivers!

Amy Coltrin said...

I came home with a car load also. I swear the yard sales I went to...they were just giving the stuff away. I got lots of great stuff. So jealous about your jar and urn.

Amy Coltrin said...

my awesome yard sale find Saturday was a antique scale...I got it for a buck! The same guy was sell lots of antique stuff...I got a whole box of cute antique plates of all sizes for a buck!!!!

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