Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guest Post {The Story of Home}

Cute Lindsay contacted me about doing a guest post a little while ago and I'm glad to have her here today.

Hi, my name is Lindsay, and I write...

I’m so excited to be here today and share one of my latest projects with you! A few weeks ago I helped my sister transform her bedroom (you can ready more about that here). One of my favorite projects during the makeover was creating an artichoke pendant from vintage book pages! I was inspired by this photo I found on etsy. 

I was not inspired by the price however, $55. So we decided to make one ourselves for a fraction of the cost, and here’s how we did it. 

First, you need a white paper lantern. We found this one from World Market for $8, but I know Ikea sells them as well. 

Then you need some vintage books; we bought 4 for a total of $5 (we only ended up using 2). 

Then you stick in a good movie and go to town cutting circles from the pages. The size of the circles can vary based on what you prefer. We used a glass cup as our template. 

After the circles are cut, you’re ready to glue; we used regular tacky craft glue. The trick to gluing is to start at the base of the lamp; this ensures the circles will overlap nicely from the top down.

And there you have it! A beautiful artichoke pendant made from vintage book pages, and for only $13! Here it is in the space; I love the character and texture it brings to the room. 

Thanks to Camilla for letting me share this project with you all; I hope you enjoyed it! 

I just love this project, so simple and affordable!
Make sure you go and check out her great blog full of interior design tips and ideas.
Thanks Lindsay!


Talitha said...

Oh wow, this is amazing! I feel like chopping up some books hehe.

I found your blog through Trissta and love it :) am now a new follower to see your awesome craft (and budget) ideas

Talitha xx

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