Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vanity - Not the Vain Kind

Yesterday I posted about basement progress.
I also mentioned things I was hoping to get done this week.
Well, yesterday morning I got an email from the company that I bought the bathroom vanity from and it said that it had shipped.
So I was a little surprised when like 4 hours later the Reddaway Truck guy knocked on my door to deliver the vanity!

 The box weighed like 250 lbs. so obviously it was going to take some man power getting that downstairs.
We just so happened to be having a BBQ that night with some friends and used their muscle power to get it out of the box and into the basement.
Thanks Guys!!

Here's a little sneak
It's comin' along!


katie m said...

Ahem. And opening it/lifting it/carrying it/ down into the bathroom was quite a fun experience. Your poor yard is evidence of the well-packaged item. Yes?


It's a great looking vanity. Cheers to you for picking out such a lovely one!

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