Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nursery Update

I shared my nursery update over at Someday Crafts, but I wanted to post it up over here at my blog as well.

My nursery is on child #2 at this point and I haven't done anything with it since I was pregnant with my first baby. I decide it was time for some updating.

I saw the cute fabric in embroidery hoops all over the blog-o-sphere and Pinterest and I thought it would be a cute and cheap way to spruce up the place.

I wanted my baby's name to be included in the collage so I bought wood letters from Hobby Lobby.
I started collecting embroidery hoops from thrift stores and what I couldn't get there I bought from the Hob Lob as well. I bought fabric from various places.

OK, I primed and spray painted my letters. White Spray Primer, Then a Blue'ish Green'ish color (because I wanted it to come through in the distressing stage) then White Spray paint.
Then I distressed with my electric hand sander (which I bought and this was my first project to use it on! Love it!)
I then hung picture hangers on the back. This process may or may not have made me swear a few times. The nails were teeny tiny itsy bitsy, so stabilizing the nail was close to impossible.
 Then this occurred...
 Not once but TWICE!
Got out the E6000 and jimmy-rigged the thing because there was no way I was going to get a new letter.

OK, Then to the funnest part...

This was way easy! Put the hoop on the fabric of choice and then trim around the back.

So here is the before picture:
As my baby was growing out of clothes I would just pile it on top of the dresser to put into the correct bins. The bin you see on the right is the clothes that she was growing into, toys spread around, every single piece of furniture is a different color (not in a good way).
 More casualties: I was moving the changing table out and the leg busted off, kinda glad because now I can buy a new one when I ever have another baby (Something to match).
 This is the inside of the lamp shade...That is not suppose to be bent like that...Off to target to get a lamp shade!
 Hung the collage! Love it!
 I want to take done the alphabet letters, I just didn't have a latter handy.

 Rearranged the furniture around, took out the outdated rug, no more changing table, took down some pictures, cleaned up the massive mess...I'm left with this!
 and again here is the before

 I have collected tea sets since I was a small child.
With all the disasters that happened with this project I have to mention one more that I didn't take pictures of. 
I was all done fixing the room up and the baby was whining, so I put her down for her nap in her new updated room, 10 minutes later she starts crying, I go in and she had thrown up all over in her crib, so I had to tear apart her crib sheets and padding, get out the towels and draped everything else in towels as to not get soiled. So the room lasted for 10 minutes looking like that! Happy Day. Life of a Mother, Right?
Thanks for reading along. I hope you stop on by my blog and check out some of my other projects, like Butterfly Specimen Art, Side Table Re-do, and my Pottery Barn Moss Monogram.


Lindsay said...

I love your new collage for the nursery! I love how you distressed the letters and the fabrics for the embroidery hoops add just the right amount of color and pattern. How fun! Super cute project!!

Emily Leiphart said...

I really appreciate how much work you put into redecorating the nursery! The customization of Esther's room is beautiful. I love the distressed look of the letters and the way you filled those embroidery hoops.

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