Friday, August 19, 2011

Change of Direction

OK, Some of you may know that I am re-doing my main bathroom on the main floor.

I had these colors picked out and had already started painting the walls.
Valspar Paradise Blue
 Valspar Ebb Tide
and I wanted to buy this shower curtain:
But the budget was not letting me buy the shower curtain but I loved the ruffle look, so I found a cheaper one at Urban Outfitters that looks like this:
So, I bought it!
It came in the mail and I took it out and it totally clashed with the original blue colors that I had already started painting.

Well, I wanted that shower curtain MORE than I wanted those particular blue walls, So I headed off to Lowes today(with shower curtain in my hand) to buy different paint to match the shower curtain.

I came up with:
Valspar Reflection Pool 
(This internet picture is not true to the color on the wall/sample card, it's the exact color of one of the ruffles of the shower curtain)
 Valspar Paradise Green 
(closer to true color than the other swatch but still a bit off, again, matches one of the ruffles)
So, I started my painting project over.

I can't wait for it to be finished to show you pictures!

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