Monday, August 8, 2011

House Updates!

Yesterday I started painting our main bathroom upstairs.
I am doing a darker blue on the wall with the bead board and a shade lighter on the other 3 walls.

I did bead board on the wall and I just had to copy cat Shelley and bead board my ceiling too. 
LUCKILY, when my contractor was doing stuff in my basement I had him just hang the stuff in my bathroom AND when my painters were in the basement I had them doing the bead boards upstairs as well...
I decided I could paint the bathroom walls myself though.

Here's my progress:

About a week and a half ago I finalized my tile for the basement bathroom floors and I went with a hexagon pattern. 
So vintage and old school feel!

Up this week(hopefully):
I ordered our bathroom sink vanity, hope it shows up this week and have that installed.
Have the plumber come back and install the toilet, bath tub hardware, vanity, etc.
I ordered the shower surround last week so I hope to have it installed later this week.
Need to order and get carpet installed in the entire basement and stairs leading to the basement.
Finish painting the bathroom upstairs.

I hope you can see why I have had a drought in the craft department, 
I have spent so much time researching carpets, vanities, hardware, surrounds, etc.


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