Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Friends to the Rescue!

So, some friends from my neighborhood stopped by to see me yesterday unannounced, 
which is totally OK with me. 
They came in and chatted for a few minutes and one of the ladies says to me 
"So did you ever get your bathroom painted" 
because I had been talking to her about how I needed help with it.
I say "NO" with complete failure in my voice.

These are not just any ordinary ladies, they said 
"Well, let's get going!!"
That's all I needed to hear.
Music to my ears!

We jumped up, they texted families and said they would be back later then expected, and we went to work. Couple hours later and we were done. SO HAPPY! 
Can't wait for it to dry so I can put up my awesome shower curtain and hang some stuff and then show you the finished product.

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